Back in 2012, Youtube's update had just locked out many older yet perfectly fine Macs due to upping their Flash Player requirements. Nicolas Bahamondes started Cornica with the aim of bringing video entertainment back to MacOS users, offering to stream Quicktime and Real videos. As brilliant as the idea was, unfortunately as short-lived it was. Hosting expenses and a hard disk crash ended Cornica 1.0.

Years later Yours truly contacted Nicolas about bringing Cornica back. Nicolas thankfully agreed and supplied the great new Cornica logo. Cornica is now live, including an updated look yet Netscape 3.x compatible.

Which gets regularly tested on a PowerMac 8600/200. In fact, almost all the programming & graphics of Cornica were made on the 8600. Not bad for an almost 25 years old system that some deem "you can't be productive with anymore".

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So you're basically a YouTube clone for the poor?

No. Cornica does not strive to be a YouTube clone. You won't find influencer videos here. Nor political stuff. And no commercialization whatsoever.

Cornica wants to preserve and keep Quicktime videos on the web. And it wants to be a place you can surf to with your older Macs.

After all, I firmly believe that old Macs should not catch dust on a shelf, but still be in use every now and then.

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What content can I expect?

I created Cornica specifically to celebrate Apple and 80s & 90s tech (ok, early 2000's too for that matter). So expect a lot of videos about that from time and a few "converts" from YouTube (if their creators agree).

Won't hosting costs ruin you?

Cornica videos are served by the Macintosh Garden, the premiere Macintosh abandonware page. It's big, it's powerful, it won't go away. We thank the good folks at the Mac Garden for their great support!

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