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Mac128k & System 1.0 revisited
This video from Mac Can Talk walks you through System 1.0. Which is what you would have gotten, had you bought the original Mac 128k on release in 1984. (no, Lode Runner had to be bought separately)

68K & PPC
256x144 - 73.7 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 130.4 MB
The Nubus architecture
Remember all the hoopla over the new Nubus slots and the expandability of the Mac II? Compared to the hassle of installing add-on cards on other systems, it was a blessing. This Computer Chronicles excerpt takes a look onto it.

68K & PPC
320x180 - 26.7 MB

PowerPC only
640x480 - 44.8 MB
Presenting System 7.0
Steve "Seven-Oh" Goldberg, Apple's Product Manager for System 7, presenting the new System 7.0 on a Computer Chronicles episode. With Steve is Craig Danuloff, author of a lot of Mac literature during the early 90s. This video really takes me back in time!

68K & PPC
256x144 - 96.0 MB

PowerPC only
320x180 - 73.6 MB
Jobs & the Megahertz myth
Remember when people measured the speed of a computer by the Mhz of the CPU? Like a 500 Mhz Pentium gotta be faster than 400 Mhz G3? Steve Jobs takes on the "Mhz myth" in this excerpt from a 2001 keynote.

68K & PPC
160x120 - 54.3 MB

PowerPC only
320x240 - 72.5 MB
Apple's Pippin at CeBit
Rare footage of Apple's Pippin (distributed by Bandai) on display at the CeBit in Hannover, Germany. If all games sounded as annoying as the one in the video, it's no surprise the machine failed so hard.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 17.6 MB
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