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Quicktime videos about everything Apple Computer Inc.

Screenshot Video Description Download
System 7 on Computer Chronicles
Full episode on System 7 from 1991. Includes a report from Stanford University (they had 5.000+ Macs on campus!). Guests are Steve Goldberg, Apple's Product Manager for System 7 and Brian McDonell (Claris) among others.

68K & PPC
192x144 - 267.9 MB

PowerPC only
320x240 - 246.3 MB
Macintosh ergonomics
Excerpt of a Computer Chronicles episode featuring the new Macintosh from March, 1984. In it Susan Kare, famous designer of the Mac icons, explains fundamentals of the OS along with Jerry Manock, Product Design Manager for the Macintosh.

68K & PPC
240x136 - 101.7 MB

PowerPC only
480x272 - 132.5 MB
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