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Quicktime videos about various Mac OS apps

Screenshot Video Description Download
Soft Windows 1.0
With the first PowerPC Macs it suddenly became possible to emulate Windows 3.1 at decent speeds on a Mac. In 1994, Zdravko Podolski from Insignia Solutions showed off Soft Windows 1.0 on the Computer Chronicles. It was cool, yet still slow and limited.

68K & PPC
240x136 - 29.0 MB

PowerPC only
480x272 - 51.5 MB
Photoshop 3 for PowerPC Macs
Adobe's John Peck presents Photoshop 3.0, the first version to support PowerPC Macintoshes natively. It was also the first version to offer layers (imagine, there was a time without!).

68K & PPC
240x136 - 41.9 MB

PowerPC only
480x272 - 75.9 MB
Excel 5 for PowerPC Macs
Microsoft's Joan Morse presenting Excel 5 on a (then) brand-new Power Macintosh 7100, showing some of the new features like an improved sorting, pivot tables & more.

68K & PPC
240x136 - 36.8 MB

PowerPC only
480x272 - 74.2 MB
Focal Point
Hypercard was amazing when it came out in 1987. In this Computer Chronicles excerpt Danny Goodman shows off his Hypercard productivity tool „Focal Point“. (next to him sits Bill Atkinson, the genius behind Hypercard!)

68K & PPC
240x136 - 39.6 MB

PowerPC only
480x272 - 86.6 MB
Whole Earth Learning Disc
Hypercard created a gold-rush mood when it first came out. Some thought they just have to turn books into a Hypercard stack to make millions. This 1987 Computer Chronicles feature on the Whole Earth Learning Disc is a good example.

68K & PPC
240x136 - 15.5 MB

PowerPC only
480x272 - 28.9 MB
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