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Commercials & Ads
Quicktime videos of commercials & ads from back then

Screenshot Video Description Download
Middle Seat
Early 2000's commercial for the iBook G3. Guy doing video editing on the plane. Hope his logicboard didn't die of it because it did for many others! These machines were not exactly the pinnacle of Apple engineering!

68K & PPC
320x240 - 16.3 MB
Black Tie optional
A commercial for the graphite iBook G3 Special Edition running at 466 Mhz. Get ready to take out a loan if you plan on buying one - they are now highly sought after!

68K & PPC
320x240 - 6.7 MB
iMac to go
After the iMac G3 started to bring Apple back to the mainstream, the new iBook G3 clamshells were marketed as the "iMac to go".

68K & PPC
320x240 - 8.1 MB
Most powerful
"The world's fastest, most powerful computer" those are Apple's words to describe the Power Mac G5. And they were right, those were amazing beasts back when they came out.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 9.2 MB

PowerPC only
480x360 - 17.2 MB
An iMac commercial focussing entirely on the design of the iMac in order to show its superiority over boring beige PCs. (this was really new to the computer world which used to bombard customers with feature lists!)

68K & PPC
320x240 - 7.5 MB
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