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Commercials & Ads
Quicktime videos of commercials & ads from back then

Screenshot Video Description Download
The Pentium II snail
Platform war galore! Apple mocking the Pentium II by comparing it to a snail. :-)

68K & PPC
256x192 - 3.5 MB
Apple's follow-up to its toasted Bunny commercial which portrayed one of Intel's Bunny-suited workers being hosed down by a firefighter. Ah, the good old platform wars - I dearly miss them!

68K & PPC
256x192 - 7.1 MB
PowerBook G4 Titanium
"Made of Titanium". Apple's marketing at that time knew how to make their product as special and desirable as possible. Just watch the spot.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 4.2 MB

PowerPC only
320x240 - 3.6 MB
Just been flattened
The PowerBook G3 commercial as part of the Think Different campaign, focussing on the - for the time - compact form factor of the these black beauties.

68K & PPC
318x238 - 7.6 MB
The Internet - change the world
Remember when we were convinced the Internet would change the world? Well, it certainly did, but not in the way many of us had hoped. This 90s commercial emphasizes the hope and really feels like a return to 1979's Apple.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 10.4 MB
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