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Commercials & Ads
Quicktime videos of commercials & ads from back then

Screenshot Video Description Download
iBook G3 Clamshells
I admit it. When I saw this one I felt the "magic" of the incredible design. To this day I love the tangerine Clamshell look. And like the rest of the community I'm looking into finding one for a reasonable price one day ...

68K & PPC
240x180 - 3.7 MB

PowerPC only
320x240 - 4.3 MB
A Mac for the sales representative
A commercial aiming at Sales people, focussing on the "remote work" possibilities a PowerBook would give you.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 7.0 MB
Bill Gates about the Macintosh
At first, I wanted to add it to Fun & Comedy category but then it really is more like a Commercial for the Mac, isn't it?

68K & PPC
318x233 - 6.5 MB
PowerBook launch commercial
Supposedly a launch commercial for the PowerBook. The guy's PowerBook 100 may fit on the small table but I'm positive he won't recognize anything on that passive-matrix screen.

68K & PPC
160x120 - 2.8 MB
Melinda and her PowerBook
This PowerBook commercial tells of a time when it was super-adventurous being able to access files that are not stored locally on your hard disk. Imagine that!

68K & PPC
240x180 - 3.9 MB
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