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Commercials & Ads
Quicktime videos of commercials & ads from back then

Screenshot Video Description Download
Introducing Macintosh Quadra
Touted as the "Most powerful Macintosh ever" this was Apple's commercial for his high-priced high-end line of 68k Quadras from 1991.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 9.0 MB
Wake up
Exemplary commercial for Apple's failed mid 90s home market marketing, generally consisting of shiny plastic people full of cliches who solve all of their problems by buying a new Performa Mac.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 9.9 MB
Apple's successor to the popular 1984 spot. Aired during the 1985 Super Bowl. Sculley desperately tried to get into the office market where IBM was king. The Macintosh Office project ultimately failed hard.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 19.1 MB
Stephen King for Comedy Central
The master of horror stories and Comedy Central? By the late 90s they teamed up for an ad campaign: "We're all going to die. Watch Comedy Central".

68K & PPC
160x120 - 1.7 MB
Crowd Control
An Apple commercial mocking the instability of Windows 95. If you've lived during these days and had to use Windows 95 for whatever reason, I'm sure you can relate :-)

68K & PPC
320x240 - 6.3 MB
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