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Remember the sitcom Cheers about a Bostonian bar and its regulars? This short video gives you either an idea about the show or will make you feel nostalgic for when the TV program wasn’t mainly consisting of reality show trash.

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Mapple Store
The Simpsons visiting a typical early 2000s Mapple Store. Makes fun of just about anything: From a "MyPhone“ to the lights on the G4 Cube and the Steve-Jobs fandom of those years.

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Homer Simpson and the Bill Gates buy-out
Homer started an internet business and hopes to sell it to Bill Gates. When Gates shows up for negotiations … well, watch for yourself :-)

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Futurama and the eyePhone
Part of a Futurama episode that mocks Apple and the "eyePhone". I love the one about sending unauthorized developers threatening e-mails ...

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Think Differently
Lisa Simpson meeting Steve Mobs and participating in the "Think Differently" campaign. :-)

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