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Fun & Comedy
Quicktime videos about fun stuff

Screenshot Video Description Download
Don't copy that floppy
In 1992, the Software Publishers Association tried to tackle the problem of software piracy. This was their (sorry) attempt to stop people from copying software. Unintentionally funny!

68K & PPC
245x180 - 48.7 MB

PowerPC only
490x360 - 118.8 MB
North Pole 360°
If your kids ever bugged you about the North Pole and Santa Clause and what it looks like up there - show 'em this Quicktime VR :)

68K & PPC
320x240 - 0.6 MB
Who reads the papers?
British humour reached its peak during the 80s (source: me) and „Yes, Prime Minister“ proves this thesis. The video features a short overview about who reads the (British) newspapers. Splendid humour - adopt it to your country! :-)

68K & PPC
320x240 - 29.9 MB
We’re a Clone Now
Ex-Apple employee Dave Garr (Winsongs 95) mocking the clone times at Apple. Lots of puns and epic humour. Takes you back to mid-90s Apple and feel the pain of the average Apple employee.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 89.1 MB
Women United for Fun (WUFF)
There are evenings when you hang out with friends, drink a little (maybe a bit too much) and suddenly one comes up with a crazy idea. I guess that is what happened here. Too bad someone taped it ... :-)

68K & PPC
320x256 - 7.6 MB
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