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Sim Ant
You expect a corny joke about bugs and Macs with this one, right? Well, no. A short 13 second clip for Sim Ant from Maxis, dating back to the mid nineties.

68K & PPC
240x180 - 1.9 MB
Sim Farm
I have never played this one and I claim to have played virtually almost all Maxis Sim titles to death. After watching this clip I feel like giving it a spin on my Macintosh IIci. And you?

68K & PPC
240x180 - 2.6 MB
Sim Earth
One of the lesser known early 90s simulations from Maxis. I dig them for the idea but the execution was somewhat cumbersome, at least for me. One of the few games where I spent more time with the (excellent) manual than the game itself!

68K & PPC
240x180 - 3.7 MB
Imperialism - Interview
Well, rather a monologue. Carl Norman from SSI talks about the Mac port of the strategy game Imperialism. Taken at the E3 in Atlanta, 1997.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 48.1 MB
An authentic mid-90s gameplay video of the Mac-exclusive Tempest-clone "MacAttack". If you're into fast-paced arcade games, this one still holds up today. The Mac Garden preserved a copy, so go check it out!

68K & PPC
240x180 - 7.2 MB
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