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Quicktime videos about computer games

Screenshot Video Description Download
Oni trailer
A trailer for Oni that Bungie had seeded online prior to its release. Remember how we waited patiently for months that a certain game would finally be released on the Mac?

68K & PPC
256x144 - 25.3 MB

PowerPC only
320x180 - 39.1 MB
Water Race
The Nintendo 64 had Wave Race – the Macintosh had Water Race. Albeit some years later. This is the release trailer for it.

68K & PPC
200x150 - 8.9 MB
Journeyman Project - Pegasus Prime
When the first Journeyman Project game came out, its use of Quicktime movies was quite unique. Unfortunately, the game itself had some flaws. This is trailer for the 1997 "Director's Cut" remake of the original, called Pegasus Prime.

68K & PPC
274x205 - 28.0 MB
When I think about First-Person-Shooters on the Mac, the Marathon series first comes to mind. This trailer from Bungie shows the first game. Which I find had the best atmosphere of all three. Which one's your favorite?

68K & PPC
290x217 - 43.8 MB
Night Trap
One thing our generation is ahead is that we had the cheesiest games ever. Like Night Trap, a 90s Full-Motion-Video game in which you have to protect girls in a house from all sorts of dangers.

68K & PPC
240x180 - 14.1 MB
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