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Quicktime videos about computer games

Screenshot Video Description Download
The Daedalus Encounter Trailer
The trailer for The Daedalus Encounter, one of the better FMV-games from the mid 1990s. Can be obtained from a certain Garden (look above) and is really great for a classic 1990s Mac gaming evening :-)

68K & PPC
320x240 - 17.5 MB
Cookie from You don't know Jack
If you ever wondered, what "Cookie", the moderator from You don't know Jack was like in real life, you got to see this video. Well, kind of...

68K & PPC
320x240 - 12.8 MB
Dark Forces Gameplay
3+ minutes of gameplay footage of Dark Forces. Looked awesome with its 640x480 HiRes back then vs. the puny VGA resolutions on DOS machines. Hmm, who else feels like getting their PowerMac 6100 out?

68K & PPC
277x195 - 26.5 MB
Sim City 2000 Trailer
The official trailer for Sim City 2000 for the Macintosh, a game that quickly had a huge following and is still enjoyed today on classic Macs!

68K & PPC
277x195 - 7.3 MB
Star Wars Racer
A trailer for the fast-paced Star Wars Racer, released back in 1999. Hey, did you know you can grab it for free from the Macintosh Garden?

68K & PPC
192x144 - 6.5 MB
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