Cornica serves its movies in Quicktime format. Enjoy the videos & all the Quicktime VR fun on your old Macintosh.

If it's not working for you, check the following:
  • Do I use a Macintosh computer? (hint: If you have a Intel or ARM CPU, the answer is likely to be "no")

  • Got Quicktime installed?
    Does the sample video play? There are many reports of people who actually managed to use Quicktime on their old 68030 Macs running Quicktime 2.5. If you don't have Quicktime yet, you can download Quicktime over at the Macintosh Garden.

Can't get the videos to start streaming in my browser!

Depending on your browser (e.g. Netscape, Classilla, ..) you may need to copy the plugin file into the respective folder in your browser's directory. You should find the plugin for e.g. Netscape in the folder of your Quicktime install.

Can I just download the videos onto my Mac?

Yes, feel free to download them! Though we optimize videos for a fast start when streaming, you're likely to get better performance when playing it from your HDD. This is especially recommended for official low-end machines, such as e.g. a Power Macintosh 7100/80.

Videos stutter when trying to stream them in browser

Check your connection - could be that your machine's ethernet is just too slow. Besides, those old browsers weren't made to quickly stream 100 MB movie files. You're better off simply downloading the movie and playing it locally in Quicktime.

Videos are so damn small!

No, your resolution is that high! :-) try lowering your resolution to something you would have used during the 90s, like 800x600. To me, there is very little reason to run Mac OS in Full-HD. But I know, there are people ...

It's simply the way Quicktime videos are made to be. Almost all videos on Cornica are already exported in high quality, resulting in file sizes that very few could have downloaded back in the day. So take the movies for what they are and enjoy that you're a witness of the emerging computer video technology.

What does "PowerPC only" on some download links mean?

It means that this video has been optimized for PowerPC playback using the Sorenson codec. It won't run on a 68k Macintosh.

Why are all higher resolution videos only PowerPC?

Lord, have mercy on your old 68k Mac!

Can I book some banners / ads / editorials on Cornica?

No! We cherish the web in its uncommercialized form. But feel free to contact me and if I like your idea, I may endorse it!

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