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Coloured Photos from 1840 to 1930
A series of colorized photos from around the world, taken between 1840 and 1930. From the building-in-progress Eiffel tower in Paris to photos old Russia to portraits of Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and others.

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Life in Victorian Times
A 1977 Interview with Mrs. Florence Pannel, 108 years old, born in 1868. Imagine, she was 35 when airplanes were invented! (Sidenote: A 108 year old lady remembering a cartoon she saw once 98 years ago. Meanwhile I can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday)

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American Civil War in colour
A series of colourized photos from the American Civil War. It’s amazing how colour closes the gap that black & white photos create between the past and present. Great watch!

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I like Ike
No politics on Cornica, but this one is an exception. The "I like Ike" (Eisenhower) ad was the beginning of televised political campaigns. Yawn. The song is almost hypnotic, isn't it? Maybe that's how Ike won the 1952 elections? :-)

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Mac Store VR
A Quicktime VR of a Macintosh store from circa 1994 / 1995. Aww, that's the kind of stores we could hang around for hours, right? Get me one of those new PowerBooks over there, please ...

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