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Twiggy Mac walkthrough
A walk through the original "Twiggy" Macintosh prototype from 1983.  This is what the original designers of the Macintosh were working with while creating the Lisa's successor. Courtesy of Mac Can Talk, check out his YouTube channel!

68K & PPC
256x144 - 33.2 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 38.9 MB
Resurrecting a Mac SE
A video made in the early 2000's about Thomaz Coehlo's adventures in resurrecting a dumped Macintosh SE he found. Makes me wanna get my Mac SE out of the box, but then I only have so much desk space ...

68K & PPC
240x180 - 42.7 MB

PowerPC only
320x180 - 56.4 MB
Introduction to the original Macintosh
An introduction video to the original Macintosh 128k that came with MacWrite and MacPaint. Love seeing those compact Macs on people's 80s desks. Always gets me really nostalgic. And you?

68K & PPC
256x144 - 26.0 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 64.5 MB
Introducing the Powerbook G4 Titanium
The Powerbook G4 Titanium (or short: "TiBook") were powerful, sturdy and cleverly designed. Yes, there were times you could say that about Apple notebooks! This is Apple's introduction video for the TiBook.

68K & PPC
256x192 - 68.7 MB

PowerPC only
320x240 - 49.5 MB
Introducing the Quicksilver
Raw power and a beautiful case - the Quicksilver is still one of the most popular PowerPC Macs today. Besides they didn’t suffer as bad from the noise problems of the later Mirrored Drive Doors models.

68K & PPC
320x240 - 82.9 MB
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