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Mac models
Quicktime videos about specific Macintosh models

Screenshot Video Description Download
Powermac G4 Quicksilver
Still in use by many loyal Mac OS 9 fans this Quicktime VR features what was once a dream set-up: A Quicksilver with the black Apple Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse happily sitting next to a 15” Apple Studio Display . (yes, it uses ADC to keep cable clutter to an absolute minimum!)

68K & PPC
480x529 - 3.95 MB
iBook introduction
Apple's 1999 introductional video for the new iBook G3 "Clamshell". Maybe a bit over the top ("It makes me feel free") but nonetheless catches the excitement about it at the time. And boy, those were real beauties!

68K & PPC
320x240 - 60.5 MB
The Macintosh 512K
A great introduction of the Macintosh 512K, showing some of it's most popular peripherals and applications like Multiplan, MacWrite and MacPaint. Also some epic 80s Mac games like Dark Castle and Shadowgate.

68K & PPC
160x90 - 165.6 MB

PowerPC only
320x180 - 167.5 MB
The Power Macintosh 9500
A video on one of the rarest beige Power Macs - the 9500. Of course done by 65scribe in his usual quality. Worth every downloaded megabyte.

68K & PPC
160x90 - 188.4 MB

PowerPC only
320x180 - 216.1 MB
The Macintosh IIsi
65scribe at it again. Another very informative and humorous video on the Macintosh IIsi.

68K & PPC
240x180 - 186.2 MB

PowerPC only
480x360 - 249.8 MB
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