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Mac models
Quicktime videos about specific Macintosh models

Screenshot Video Description Download
PowerMacintosh 8600 / 9600
A Quicktime VR of the popular case of the Power Macintosh 8600 & 9600. Boy, being the owner of a 8600 I can tell you how delightful it is to open and swap components vs. the user-hostile case of e.g. a Quadra 800!

68K & PPC
320x213 - 0.9 MB
Click & Match iMacs
Quicktime was not only about playing movies, as proved by this click & match (aka Memory) game. Can you (or your kids) find and match the correct iMac models? (might need to be downloaded and run locally)

68K & PPC
320x240 - 0.2 MB
The Power Macintosh 6100
Another awesome Mac introduction of 65scribe, this time detailing the 1st generation Power Macintosh 6100. Well worth the 20 minutes, even if you might think "6100? Nah...!" :-)

68K & PPC
320x176 - 195.5 MB
iBook G3 Blueberry
Another candidate for our "Quicktime VR of Apple products that stood out" category. A Clamshell iBook G3 Blueberry. Splendid design. Period.

68K & PPC
480x360 - 1.5 MB
iMac G3 Lime 360
Back when Apple design really stood out and dropped some jaws this beautiful iMac G3 was one of the "fruity color" Macs. How did Steve Jobs put it? "You wanna collect 'em all" :-)

68K & PPC
480x360 - 3.7 MB
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