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Quicktime videos about the latest movies

Screenshot Video Description Download
Screamers - trailer
This 1995 Sci-Fi movie has long been an insider's tip and gained a cult following in recent years. If you've never watched it, might be a good time to change that!

68K & PPC
256x144 - 22.8 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 36.5 MB
The Terminator - trailer
The 1984 Sci-Fi classic that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star. In case you've lived under a rock - it's about a cyborg assassin sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, whose son will later become the leader of the battle against the machines in an apocalyptic future.

68K & PPC
256x144 - 21.2 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 38.2 MB
Die Hard trailer
He was the 80s definition of masculine coolness - Bruce Willis aka John McClane who unintentionally becomes a hero in the Nakatomi Corp. hostage-taking. No more words necessary - I'm sure all of you watched this one!

68K & PPC
320x180 - 27.4 MB

PowerPC only
512x288 - 21.3 MB
Aliens - trailer
A trailer for the 1986 sequel to the Alien movie, starring Sci-Fi queen Sigourney Weaver who fights off Aliens in what is left of a former colony. Another classic.

68K & PPC
239x180 - 23.1 MB

PowerPC only
478x368 - 35.0 MB
Coming to America - trailer
The 70s, 80s and 90s had the best comedy movies. The recipe was simple - take a silly to absurd storyline that is yet entertaining and add a great actor like Eddie Murphy! I can't count the numbers I've seen this one.

68K & PPC
240x136 - 25.0 MB

PowerPC only
480x272 - 55.4 MB
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