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Quicktime videos about the latest movies

Screenshot Video Description Download
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - trailer
Considered by many to be one of the best movies ever made, this 70s comedy drama about the patients of a mental institution is a true classic.

68K & PPC
256x144 - 28.6 MB

PowerPC only
480x270 - 47.5 MB
Back to the Future - trailer
A trailer for Part one of the trilogy in which Marty McFly travels to 1955 in a DeLorean time machine to meet his future parents.

68K & PPC
256x144 - 18.4 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 36.0 MB
Top Gun - trailer
Top Gun was the first movie I ever watched with full stereo sound at a friend's in his home cinema. The take-off scene at the beginning was amaaazing in stereo. But then we were easy to impress, weren't we? :-)

68K & PPC
256x192 - 33.7 MB

PowerPC only
480x360 - 26.5 MB
Rocky - trailer
Sylvester Stallone starring as boxer Rocky Balboa pursuing his "from rags to riches" American Dream of becoming the world heavyweight champion.

68K & PPC
256x144 - 26.8 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 53.8 MB
Ghostbusters - trailer
A trailer for the 1984 American supernatural comedy, in which the Ghostbusters take care of New York City’s paranormal occurrences.

68K & PPC
256x144 - 24.1 MB

PowerPC only
640x360 - 50.8 MB
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