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Update #33 - Good bye, my love!
October 2nd 2021

Caught your attention? Don't worry, Cornica won't go away! The "Good bye" refers to the Power Mac G4 used to create & maintain Cornica as it is being packed up in a box. You see, both the PSU and Sonnet CPU upgrade of the MDD need their caps changed and thus we're taking a few weeks off here.

Before we do, however, there's a little surprise in the form of one huge update of new stuff! Hopefully, this should keep you and your iMac G3 (or whatever) entertained in the meantime. :-)

Hey, did you know that Apple ran a series of radio spots prior to the original iMac G3 release? I didn't! You can listen to them here! There's also the spots from the iTunes-Pepsi campaign and lots of new Quicktime VRs for Macs & peripherals added!

Here's the complete list of new Quicktime videos:

Apple Music Store - Final Cut Pro - iLife 04 - Apple Store NY - iSpec (design concept) - Apple goes Intel

Sherlock 3 - I'm a Mac - iMac pre-release radio spots - Apple Pro Mouse - PowerBook Duo - Beige - hardly a colour - iMac instead of Pizza - iTunes and the iMac - Jaguar - Xpress yourself - iTunes Pepsi Campaign

Macs models
iSight VR - Mighty Mouse - PowerBook G4 Aluminum - PowerBook G4 Titantium - PowerMac G4 MDD VR - PowerMac G5 VR - Airport Extreme intro video

Classical Music pieces

Nature & Travels
Knowth Tomb Passage - Piccadilly Circus - On board of the HMS Exeter - Silicon Graphics Virtual Reality Centre - Metro Nashville Police

Higher-Res versions of existing videos:
iMac DV - iMac SE - iMac redesigned

Update #32 - Hello? Any 68k users present?
September 28th 2021

I've just taken the time to do dive into Cornica's visitor stats. Since I highly respect your (and my) privacy, nobody is tracked on Cornica. There's no "Analytics". We're solely relying on hits & visits. But it's a good indication of what you like and what not. The three most visited video categories are for example:

  1. Movies
  2. Commercials
  3. Games
The least popular for now being Sports. But then there's not much content there yet.

Judging from the feedback I got from users (I appreciate more!) most seem to be using some kind of PowerPC Macintosh, usually in the G3 / G4 range. Which leads me to wonder how many IIci and Quadra users are really browsing Cornica. Raise your hand if you're one and post on the guestbook to let me know!

As for new videos, there's been few contributions lately. Where are you? I've added a very nice "Who is Who" video from MacWorld 1997 in San Francisco that really takes you back in time. I also ran across a trailer for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade and added it to the games section. Check them out!

Update #31 - Like Mac games?
September 10th 2021

Good news fellow Cornic'ers! Former Inside Mac Games editor-in-chief Tuncer Deniz granted permission to Cornica to host all Quicktime videos from the good ol' days of Macintosh games. So we'll be preserving that part of Mac gaming history!

Among the crowd there's some real gems. A preview of the never released Blood & Magic for Mac ("should be out in September"). Yeah, unless your mother company files for bankruptcy. Wonder what happened to the beta version....

There's some also some rare footage of original Macintosh games (read: not AAA PC-ports) like Battle Girl or Gridz. Also added video material about the long forgotten "Macintosh Tekken" The Untouchable and a 1997 interview with the Cyberflix crew working on Redjack. Plus you get the chance to listen to Bill ("Turbo Tongue") Dugan's 1997 predictions about Apple's future and the state of Mac gaming.

There's still a lot of content to be added, so keep checking our games category every once in a while.

Update #30 - Tutorials and Dreams
August 27th 2021

Small update before the weekend! Two new videos for our tutorial section: Both cover new functionality that came with Mac OS 8. One is about Spring Loaded Folders and the other one about the lesser known Popup Windows. (Thanks David, for pointing to the source!)

Also, user Ethan made a first great upload with the Apple Dreams video he took from the CD that came bundled with his Apple PowerCD. Way to go, Ethan!

Stay tuned for more updates in September and don't forget to upload your Quicktime treasures.

Update #29 - More new stuff & a personal request
August 15th 2021

A little bit for everyone's taste: Our new Nature & Travels category now has a Quicktime VR of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., the Apple category has a new video with impressions from the MacWorld Expo '97 in Tokyo and there are new-old gameplay movies for Skullcracker, Myth - The Fallen Lords, Eat my Photons and the Choicestick adapter in our games section.

Dronecatcher uploaded an extensive archive of Cold War era public information films to Cornica, which were created by the British government to inform its citizens on the right behavior in case of a Soviet nuclear strike ...

On a personal note, hot summer is here in central Europe with temps rising inside & outside. The Power Mac G4 used to create Cornica and its videos starts to wheeze and since I like my beef roasted, not my G4, I'll probably take a two week of vacation before the next update or until it's getting cooler again

That said, I have a personal request to close this changelog with: does anyone have a copper heatsink for a Power Mac G4 MDD that he'd be willing to part with? I'm hopeful it would help keeing the temps in my G4 in check. Please drop me a line if you do.

Update #28- We're expanding!
August 11th 2021

Say "Hi!" to our new Nature & Travel category. It had been some time in the making and my excuses to the loyal folks who uploaded videos and had to patiently wait until I finally got it going. (sorry Dronecatcher & adrianrmarsh!)

Well, now it's here! What to expect? Quicktime videos that will take you from your desk to places on our planet. Remember how jaw-dropping the experience was the first time you saw a Quicktime 360° VR video of a location? Yeah, right - life in Cyberspace was just around the corner ...

Enjoy the new category, don't forget to upload your stuff should you have something to share and let us know what you think of the category (or yet missing ones!) in our guestbook.

Update #27 - Grab the Mic!
August 8th 2021

You know Quicktime movies. You know Quicktime VR? Sure! Know that Quicktime was good for (small) games as well? Yeah. So what have we been missing? Yeah - Quicktime Karaoke!

We're starting with four Quicktime Karaoke songs in our music category. No idea how much interest is there but if there is any, we may likely add some more. For now, enjoy singing YMCA in front of your obsolete* Macintosh.

* says Tim.

Update #26 - The old treasure chest ...
August 5th 2021

I've been rumagging in my treasure chest of old Quicktime movies (aka an old hard disk that holds many Quicktime videos I downloaded many many years ago!). I came to find some new videos for our Games section, most of them directly from the 1990s! Say "hi!" to Unreal, Super Wing Commander and Jump Raven. Oh and a video from the "beleaguered Apple" days when Blizzard nonetheless supported the Mac by bringing Starcraft & Diablo to it.

I also dug up a video of a Pioneer Mac Clone at the CeBit, but haven't been able to distinguish which model it is. If you know it, please let me know.

On the uploading front, user Katie Cadet shared a 2001 Behind-the-Scenes video of Nelly Furtado with us (is Nelly still around btw? Haven't heard about her in ages ...) and z970 supplied us with Quicktime VRs of the iBook G4, iBook G3 "snow" and the iMac G5 as well as a OS X Panther Release video.

As always, Sharing is Caring, so don't forget to upload your new or old Quicktime movies to Cornica and help preserve Apple's pioneering movie format!

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