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Update #48 - More videos & summer break
July 10th 2022

Summer is here and long-time Cornica users know what that means - things will wind down a bit. There will be updates but I'll give the MDD handling the videos some rest on hot summer days. :-)

This update features another pack of new (old) videos. Cornica user Ethan uploaded two retro Quicktime music videos (Taking Back Sunday; I'M not OK).

I've created a quick tutorial video aimed at Mac OS newbies, showing how to close all open Finder windows with a single command. Kind of a test-run for a Cornica exclusive series with tips for our favorite OS.

As for highlights among the added videos, there's the nefarious Copland demo at the Computer Chronicles. There's also an interesting 1996 report on CKS media agency using Mac Clones for their pre-press workflow. Ah, the clones! A Daystar Genesis MP was quite the computer of dreams back in the day, especially for those of us stuck on an old LC ...

As always, feel encouraged to upload your Quicktime videos! Whether it's old stuff you found or your original creation, we're happy to continue building the ultimate Quicktime archive on the net!

Update #47 - Here comes another bunch
June 22nd 2022

As promised, I'm working hard to bring all your latest uploads online. This update features Cornica user Katie Cadet's Wizard of Oz contribution, featuring six trailers for the Hollywood classic. Which is your favorite?

davisdelo uploaded a bunch of trailers for our movies section, namely Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. There's also two trailers for the relatively recent Jackass Forever and Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Thanks to loyal Cornica user z970 we have an intro trailer for Mac OSX 10.0 and Ethan supplied a short clip from a live concert of BVB that he attended some weeks ago, which is a splendid idea.

I'd also like to point out Piotr P.'s comment on our guestbook about using Cornica on his Amiga 1200. Awesome! Mac users are our core, but I'm happy to have Amigans, Atarians and even PC users here! I'm particularly interested in your setup and what program you use for playback. Let us know how you enjoy Quicktime on your Atari, DOS, Amiga & others by posting on our guestbook!

Update #46 - Thanks for your contribution
June 12th 2022

Just wanted to point out how I appreciate everyone's help in building the ultimate Quicktime archive on the web. Last month saw lots of uploads from you and I'm struggling with keeping up pace. Well done, please continue!

New to our Fun & Comedy section is a Quicktime video of great marketing stunt for a movie involving a Telekenetic Coffee Shop. Watch it, it's good! We've also added the rather rare Apple Independence Day commercial.

Thanks to user adrianrmarsh we have a handful of new Quicktime VR movies, such as for the Airport Extreme basestation or the iPod & iPod Mini.

New uploader Aaron Rogers shared a 3D animated short that he made about 20 years ago. It's very well made and gives you an idea on what oh-so-outdated Macs are capable of! Thanks Aaron!

There's more uploads "in the making", I'm just a bit low on free time this time of the year, but I promise that'll change again very soon!

Random videos

mac and pc with human actorsSoldiers entering a village in Mythhappy black family in front of iMac G5Steve Jobs explaining NeXT

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