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Update #25 - Fun for the weekend
July 16th 2021

The weekend is up ahead and Cornica got yet another update. Starting with this one, I'm going to release more frequent news of changes & additions. And as you can see by this update's headline, we're starting with some additions to our fun & comedy category.

Thanks to z970's upload, we've added three videos of Will Ferrell's Apple switch campaign. He also supplies us with an excerpt from a Saturday Night Live episode mocking Steve Jobs and the iPod product cycles from the mid 2000s. Another added Saturday Night Live video from 1993 makes fun of Apple for what was perceived the useless Newton.

And then our top uploader Katie Cadet shared a truly historic music video with us, Pipe Dream from 2001.

Whereever you are - everyone have a nice weekend!

Update #24 - Summer is here, again
July 12th 2021

So, it has been five weeks after the last update - time to send a life sign! As long-time Cornica users know, summer is the time things tend to slow down a bit here. Being a family dad, I enjoy spending time outside with my kids instead of sweating in an overheated computer room. So we're not gone, but rather regenerating energy for an autumn of Quicktime'ness!

The past months saw some more gaps closed in Cornica's video archive. We've added content from a 90's interview with Jazz musician Herbie Hancock to our music section as well as some new music videos. Our Amiga category saw some interesting new additions too. Even as a long-time Mac addict I have to admit it had some amazing capabilities for the late 80's!

Meanwhile Cornica uploader Katie Cadet supplied us with a trailer for a rather less known indie crime comedy movie. Oh and in case you love Apple's mid 2000s computer design, we've also added two QuickTime VRs on the Mac Mini and eMac for your viewing pleasure.

There's even more new uploads, but it feels boring to just throw a list at you in this post. Or should we list all recent additions here? Let me know what you think.

Update #23 - 500 Spartans under king Leonidas ...
June 3rd 2021

Wait, 500? Weren't they 300 Spartans? Got me. But then I've been sitting here for five minutes and simply couldn't come up with a good analogy for 500. 500 because that's the number of Quicktime videos online on Cornica for now!

Given the millions on YouTube that doesn't sound like much. But if you take into account that Cornica's return was just 14 months ago, that makes roughly 35 new videos per months. More than one new video every day. Not bad, huh?

My plan is to keep up with this speed and possibly adding even more. But I need your excellent support for that, so please consider uploading your Quicktime videos. There's been a great deal of uploads already, which I'm truly thankful for! On a side-note: If your uploaded videos isn't showing yet, that's because we're probably lacking a proper category for it. It's not lost though - it's on my To-Do list!

That said, the past weeks saw some spiffy new videos added. I keep extending our Fun & Comedy section with some internet classics such as Nintendo Sixty-Foouur, I smell like beef and Charlie bit me.

We've also further completed our collection of Apple commercials by adding the HAL 9000 commercial and added a report from a school that extensively used Macs in education back in 1992! And right from the mid 90's comes a video of the Macintosh 840av & 660av design team celebrating their success.

There have been some more videos added but then I feel like I let you explore that by yourself. :-)

Before we end this month's entry though, I'd like to point your attention to reFlash. It's an amazing project by Cornica user z970 with the ultimate aim of bringing back Flash games to Mac OSX (and eventually Mac OS too). Just like in the old days, you can fire up your old browser and play fun games like Hot Dog Bush again. Absolutely endorse it - take a few minutes to check it out!

Update #22 - Take me back to the 2000's ...
May 14th 2021

Cornica regulars probably noticed the new links in top-right of the page. Well, I followed Cornica user z970's suggestion and added another theme! Good bye table layout, hello CSS! Give it a try if you're on faster PowerPC Mac and like that distinct early 2000's look. Feel free to send me feedback either by e-mail or post it to our guestbook!

What about older Macs?
The beige Macs have a special place in my heart. They are the Macs I recreated Cornica for. So I'll keep looking for ways to improve their experience. One way was bringing our image compression up to speed. By average we reduced image size by 30%. That doesn't sound like much, I know. But downloading only 20kb of images versus 30kb is a worthy improvement for users running Netscape 4.08 on a Macintosh IIci. Believe me. :-)

Sherlock Cornica
If you're on Mac OS 8-9, you'll definitely want to try out the recently updated Sherlock Plugins. Among others, there's also a Cornica plugin for comfortably searching our database. Grab it and try it. I've personally never been a big Sherlock fan but this one converted me, it's just super useful!

Videos, we want videos
Recent weeks saw a couple of new uploads, mostly new movie trailers. There's also some resurrected original 90's video tutorials about Macros and CE Software's QuicKeys as well as a beginner's help for resediting your own startup screen. Have fun!