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Got quicktime videos to share? Great! Before doing anything, please read:
  • Do not upload videos on politics, horror, porn or religion. Cornica is 80s-style family-friendly!

  • Keep the videos size reasonable. Quicktime wasn't designed for playback of a 600 MB two hour show.

  • Do not upload other people's videos without their consent. (e.g. random YouTube videos)

  • Ideally the videos fit into one of the existing categories. If you upload e.g. a TV spot for the Atari ST it'll have to wait until there's enough videos to fill a new yet-to-be-made Atari category

  • Optional: Convert your video for streaming before uploading. A guide for converting Quicktime videos for a streaming jump start can be found here.

Uploading via FTP

Since uploading large files via http sucks (especially on old hardware) all our uploading is handled via FTP. You'll need an FTP client.

Recommended: Download Transmit or Fetch from the Mac Garden if you're on Mac OS.

Please connect using the following data:
  • Address: cornica.system7today.com
  • User: cornica
  • Password: cornica
  • Mode: passive
Important: Please include a readme file with a description and your name so I can add you as the contributor!

We'll check the directory regularly, examine every upload and post it on the site, naming you as the contributor (tell me if you don't want that)

Trouble uploading? Feel free to contact us.

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