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Piotr P. wrote on 16-06-2022 20:13
Such a wonderful idea! Thanks! PS I'm writting this from my Amiga 1200, by the way ;-)

Prakash wrote on 27-07-2022 06:57
Thanks for keeping site and adding quicktime videos. reminds me of memories from 90's and nostalgia. Browsing from 10.4.11 PPC 1.07 GHZ Ibook g4

Presley wrote on 30-08-2022 15:38
Thank you for making this website, really appreciate the community keeping the old Apple computers alive! There are some great videos on this site, and all of them play perfectly. I'm sending this from a Power Mac G4 running OS 9.2.1!

Jean wrote on 31-08-2022 18:36
Thank you for making this website. Love being able to come here and watch these on my Blueberry iBook G3 Mac OS 9.

Greystash wrote on 08-09-2022 08:24
I have a lot of fun browsing here on my iMac, you've got some real gems!I'm feeling a lot of nostalgia!

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