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Some of the websites I care & that are accessible from old browsers:

System 7 Today
Awesome Mac OS resource recently revived by the great Knezzen and yours truly!

Cheat Emporium
My other project - building the ultimate Mac OS cheats & walkthroughs website accessible even from your 68k Mac!

Macintosh Garden
Preserves old Mac software and keeps it publicly accessible. A must-have bookmark.
Search engine specialized in finding non-commercial pages, fansites & others. The essence of the web 1.1!

Play those epic 2000's Flash games again - on your old hardware from back then!

Low End Mac
I've been writing for Low End Mac for more than a decade. It has an amazing wealth of info on all things Macintosh and some very talented writers.

Mac OS9 lives
A community of people still using Mac OS9 productively today. Lots of knowledge to be found.

Mac Garden Image Hosting
Upload & share images directly from your old Macintosh computers. No ads, no Javascript, no CSS.

Free Web Hosting for Macs
Create your own website good ol' 90s style for free - on your trusty old Mac

Mac Garden Chat service
Use Facebook Chat, ICQ, Discord and others on your old Macintosh through this gateway.

Le Grenier du Mac
A french Mac abandonware site with a beautiful simple 90s design and lots of offerings.

Retro Computing Roundtable
An amazing podcast on retro computing that I've been listening for years on. Highly recommend it!

PowerMac 6100 Upgrade Guide
Inactive and yet still THE source for anything regarding Apple's first pizza box Mac.

A fine little abandonware site covering the essentials. Small footprint, great for old Macs like my LC!

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