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Some of the websites I care & that are accessible from old browsers:

System 7 Today
Awesome Mac OS resource recently revived by the great Knezzen and yours truly!

Cheat Emporium
My other project - building the ultimate Mac OS cheats & walkthroughs website accessible even from your 68k Mac!

Macintosh Garden
Preserves old Mac software and keeps it publicly accessible. A must-have bookmark.

Search engine specialized in finding non-commercial pages, fansites & others. The essence of the web 1.1!

Play those epic 2000's Flash games again - on your old hardware from back then!

Low End Mac
I've been writing for Low End Mac for more than a decade. It has an amazing wealth of info on all things Macintosh and some very talented writers.

Mac OS9 lives
A community of people still using Mac OS9 productively today. Lots of knowledge to be found.

Mac Garden Image Hosting
Upload & share images directly from your old Macintosh computers. No ads, no Javascript, no CSS.

Free Web Hosting for Macs
Create your own website good ol' 90s style for free - on your trusty old Mac

Mac Garden Chat service
Use Facebook Chat, ICQ, Discord and others on your old Macintosh through this gateway.

Le Grenier du Mac
A french Mac abandonware site with a beautiful simple 90s design and lots of offerings.

Retro Computing Roundtable
An amazing podcast on retro computing that I've been listening for years on. Highly recommend it!

A fine little abandonware site covering the essentials. Small footprint, great for old Macs like my IIci!

Mac Classic
Greystash's site on all things Mac OS. Got a bookmark I keep visiting regularly.

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