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Interview Bill Appleton (CyberFlix)

An interview with Bill Appleton of World Build, Super Card, HyperDA fame, conducted by Inside Mac Games in November 1994. Bill talks about his view of the Macintosh market with the then new Power PC and about his company CyberFlix.

I have concatenated the original individual Quicktime segments and added the questions in between to preserve this interview. Used with permission from Tuncer Deniz of Inside Mac Games.

Please crank up your sound. The original material had extremely low sound. I've already increased audio to 150% when processing the movies. It still sounds muffled though. This is original 1994 material, when computer video was still in its infancy!

Uploaded by: Cornica
240x180px | 59.7MB: appleton-cyberflix.mov
320x240px | 52.1MB: appleton-cyberflix_ppc.mov

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