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Update #45 - Quick trip to the mid 90's
May 1st 2022

That somehow seems the perfect description for this update. Almost all new Quicktime content coming right back from the 90's to you!

There's videos from the Computer Chronicles on the MacWorld Boston '94, the state of the Newton then as well as the new System 7.5 at the show.

Cornica user Katie Cadet shared some original 90's Dolby Digital trailers with us. Our games section got another two preserved IMG interviews - this time with with Papyrus Design Group (IndyCar Racing II) and Eric Klein (Apple Games Evangelist).

Last but not least, I spent some time "upgrading" older entries with descriptions or as in the case of 65scribe's excellent Power Mac 6100 video, I've redone the whole video with his re-release version.

Happy retro computer, everyone!

Update #44 - An interview, please
April 13th 2022

Been cutting & adding more historic Mac interviews to our Games category. Included now are interviews with
There's more on the way, so grab a coffee and enjoy!

I also fixed an error with some interviews due to the chosen codec. It'd lead to them only play audio but no video on some machines. Should be good for everyone now!

We've also slightly changed our motto from "Video Entertainment for Mac OS users" to "Video Entertainment for Quicktime users". Mac & Apple will always be our prime focus, but Cornica gets more and more attention from Windows / Atari / Amiga users. And Cornica is really intended to be open for everyone, hence the change to reflect that.

Update #43 - Blast from the Past
April 5th 2022

About a few months ago, Inside Mac Games Tuncer Deniz granted permission to Cornica to host their Quicktime content. It made me extremely happy to know that Cornica will be able to preserve IMG's video interviews with 90's Mac (gaming) industry veterans.

Originally, these videos came in small segments embedded in a Docmaker file. I've extracted them, concatenated the segments to one video and added the previously printed questions in between, so it's really just one Quicktime movie for your viewing pleasure now.

The first two videos are interviews with John Kavanagh from Domark (May 1995) and one with Apple's Games Evangelist Mark Gavini (December 1996). To the best of my knowledge, there's no other place you can find these video interviews except the original issues.

Is that something you find interesting? Should Cornica continue to add these historical video interviews? Please let me know via our guestbook or a good old e-mail. If there's interest, I'll continue to add more and more of those video interviews.

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