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Update #51 - Man, is it really that late?
November 10th, 2022

I'm pretty convinced all of you can relate to the times when life just seems to fly by. The times you anxiously notice that mom's birthday was two weeks ago and the holiday season being already right up ahead.

While it may have seemed that Cornica was on hiatus since autumn, that's not true. I've secretly been adding lots of new Quicktime videos to our ever growing archive. Speaking of growing - did you notice the new "1000+ videos" patch next to our logo? I think we can fairly assess that we're the world's biggest Quicktime archive by now. :-)

As for new uploads, loyal user Dronecatcher uploaded a good half dozen of Quicktime goodies, ranging from the intro of the original Starsky & Hutch series to the rather contemporary For All Mankind. My favorite among his uploads is a 1966 video in which a BBC reporter asks kids about what they expect the year 2000 to be like. Thanks, Dronecatcher!

I've also added some new Microsoft stuff to our respective category, such as Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 ads. Or something from our old friend Steve Ballmer. As someone put it, it's fun to have a good snicker at those even today.

Speaking of snickering - further completing our Fun & Comedy section by adding the epic Nyan Cat and Gary the Numa Numa guy. Have fun! :-)

A word to our uploaders TriedWharf and HolidayPack - please get in touch with me, I couldn't process your uploads but we may be able to sort it out.

Update #50 - Oh, those grey days ...
September 20th, 2022

If you live in Central Europe, autumn starts at around this time of the year. Rainy, grey days that are best spent in front of your trusty old Macintosh. Perhaps even by watching some fun videos? Hence, we've updated our Fun & Comedy section.

For friends of the dark British humour, we've added a well-known scene from a certain Monty Python movie involving a Dark Knight. Then there's the iconic Super Bowl XXXVII Office Linebacker spot from Reebok. Also, various other videos got updated with better and higher-res versions, such as e.g. the amazing Winsongs 95.

Oh and don't miss out the obligatory video with cats being updated with part 2. Always good for a laugh!

Some cosmetic changes have taken place on Cornica as well. Our Guestbook now has an archive for older entries (got a bit crowded in there) and a few pixel margins have been corrected in the "modern theme".

Everyone - enjoy Cornica and your trusty old Macintosh!

Update #49 - When was the last time ...
August 26th 2022

... you received a CD-ROM in the mail? I'm asking because this new-on-Cornica AOL commercial from 1997 made me remember all those "30 free hours!" imprinted CD-ROMs we used to get from AOL back in the 90s. I'm sure all of you in Europe & North America remember. :-)

Also, user Aaron uploaded two original 1997 trailers he had downloaded about 25 years ago. Wow! CNN's original Empire / Jedi SE trailer as well as the '97 opening sketch for the Academy Awards. He also added the original 2003 Finding Nemo trailer. Way to go, Aaron!

Now do it like Aaron! Please look through your old HDDs, DVDs and share your Quicktime videos. We're not only taking on old videos. Feel free to convert newer stuff (within the scope of our content) or even take a new video of a concert you went to, the city you live or else! Let's keep the Quicktime spirit alive!

Random videos

Terry Tate next to tackled office workerview from the stairs on Lincoln Memorial in Washington

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