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Update #35 - Two long forgotten pioneers
November 20th 2021

As our American and Canadian readers make plans for their Thanksgiving celebrations we're adding two short films telling the tale of two long forgotten pioneers that deserve to be honored & remembered! The roughly 10 minute short movies made by Nate Powers years ago are of high-quality and take you back to the days when Avid Cinema brought desktop video to the average home user and Hotline revolutionized collaborative working over the net years before the term became mainstream.

On a side-note: I'll be tweaking our HTML 3.2 design a bit in the upcoming days. The idea is to make design load faster and a bit more pleasant to the eye. Be forewarned that you may encounter some graphical glitches during the transition.

Update #34 - Hello (again)!
November 14th 2021

So we're back! My MDD survived it's PSU recap even though these buddies clearly weren't made for being very repairable. Still, looking forward to get another decade of use out of the old lady! So expect more cool new Quicktime movies very soon.

This sunday brings us a mixed bag of stuff - from original Mac OSX Preview teaser videos (look at how the dock looked!) and a promo trailer for the Quake mod Malice to a Quicktime VR of the Place de la Republique Wissembourg in France.

I'd also like to point your attention to two projects - Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium for Mac OS is my attempt at building the ultimate cheat archive for original Mac OS games. The Emporium renders fine even in Netscape 3 on 68k Macs and is optimized for resolutions as low as 640x480. At the same time it can be used on a mobile (see the spacing between the category letters? It's for touch screens and stubby fingers like mine!). Best of all, it's just plain fast and distraction free. So next time you're looking for help in an old Mac game, visit the Cheat Emporium!

The second project I'd like to highlight is from our dear contributor z970. He's outdone himself by bringing us the update for OSX Leopard that Apple never gave us. His highly optimized yet unofficial 10.5.9 ("Sorbet Leopard") offers a big performance bump and includes many back-ported features from Snow Leopard. Best of all, he's done this for free as a community service! Grab it from the respective Mac Garden page.

Update #33 - Good bye, my love!
October 2nd 2021

Caught your attention? Don't worry, Cornica won't go away! The "Good bye" refers to the Power Mac G4 used to create & maintain Cornica as it is being packed up in a box. You see, both the PSU and Sonnet CPU upgrade of the MDD need their caps changed and thus we're taking a few weeks off here.

Before we do, however, there's a little surprise in the form of one huge update of new stuff! Hopefully, this should keep you and your iMac G3 (or whatever) entertained in the meantime. :-)

Hey, did you know that Apple ran a series of radio spots prior to the original iMac G3 release? I didn't! You can listen to them here! There's also the spots from the iTunes-Pepsi campaign and lots of new Quicktime VRs for Macs & peripherals added!

Here's the complete list of new Quicktime videos:

Apple Music Store - Final Cut Pro - iLife 04 - Apple Store NY - iSpec (design concept) - Apple goes Intel

Sherlock 3 - I'm a Mac - iMac pre-release radio spots - Apple Pro Mouse - PowerBook Duo - Beige - hardly a colour - iMac instead of Pizza - iTunes and the iMac - Jaguar - Xpress yourself - iTunes Pepsi Campaign

Macs models
iSight VR - Mighty Mouse - PowerBook G4 Aluminum - PowerBook G4 Titantium - PowerMac G4 MDD VR - PowerMac G5 VR - Airport Extreme intro video

Classical Music pieces

Nature & Travels
Knowth Tomb Passage - Piccadilly Circus - On board of the HMS Exeter - Silicon Graphics Virtual Reality Centre - Metro Nashville Police

Higher-Res versions of existing videos:
iMac DV - iMac SE - iMac redesigned

Update #32 - Hello? Any 68k users present?
September 28th 2021

I've just taken the time to do dive into Cornica's visitor stats. Since I highly respect your (and my) privacy, nobody is tracked on Cornica. There's no "Analytics". We're solely relying on hits & visits. But it's a good indication of what you like and what not. The three most visited video categories are for example:

  1. Movies
  2. Commercials
  3. Games
The least popular for now being Sports. But then there's not much content there yet.

Judging from the feedback I got from users (I appreciate more!) most seem to be using some kind of PowerPC Macintosh, usually in the G3 / G4 range. Which leads me to wonder how many IIci and Quadra users are really browsing Cornica. Raise your hand if you're one and post on the guestbook to let me know!

As for new videos, there's been few contributions lately. Where are you? I've added a very nice "Who is Who" video from MacWorld 1997 in San Francisco that really takes you back in time. I also ran across a trailer for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade and added it to the games section. Check them out!

Update #31 - Like Mac games?
September 10th 2021

Good news fellow Cornic'ers! Former Inside Mac Games editor-in-chief Tuncer Deniz granted permission to Cornica to host all Quicktime videos from the good ol' days of Macintosh games. So we'll be preserving that part of Mac gaming history!

Among the crowd there's some real gems. A preview of the never released Blood & Magic for Mac ("should be out in September"). Yeah, unless your mother company files for bankruptcy. Wonder what happened to the beta version....

There's some also some rare footage of original Macintosh games (read: not AAA PC-ports) like Battle Girl or Gridz. Also added video material about the long forgotten "Macintosh Tekken" The Untouchable and a 1997 interview with the Cyberflix crew working on Redjack. Plus you get the chance to listen to Bill ("Turbo Tongue") Dugan's 1997 predictions about Apple's future and the state of Mac gaming.

There's still a lot of content to be added, so keep checking our games category every once in a while.

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