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Update #63 - Bugs, games, apps & the 8-Bit Guy
December 3rd, 2023

Quite some topics to cover - let's start! If you've visited Cornica using Netscape 3 or 4 during the last week, you probably noticed video pages not loading properly - that bug has been squashed and Netscape users can now happily watch Quicktime videos again!

As for other exciting news, YouTuber 8-Bit Guy has allowed us to host some of his excellent videos on Cornica. So you can watch retro brighting your 68k Mac from the very computer. Talk about excitement here! The first of his videos is about the restoration of an Apple IIc Plus. More to follow soon!

There's also a handful of new game trailers such as Headline Harry, Rome: Total War, Command & Conquer Generals, Labyrinth of Time as well as the intro from Inherit the Earth - all uploaded by user HolidayPack.

Thanks to his efforts, our Mac Applications category keeps growing too. Quicktime trailers for DiVA Videoshop, Mathematica 2.0, Stratavision 3D, Compton's Encyclopedia and the Quicktime Hypercard Toolkit have been added.

Before we end this post, a little notice - I'll do some changes to Cornica's technical underpinnings soon. We may be unavailable for an hour or two at one point. Don't worry when that happens - we'll be back in old glory! :-)

And don't forget: Quicktime never dies!

Update #62 - Fun finds & cool uploads
November 12th, 2023

While rummaging through the contents of my old iMac G3's HDD I discovered a piece I had downloaded 20 years ago - a talented group of singers performing 90's Nintendo game sounds acapella. Great one - watching recommended!

Speaking of iMac G3's, Cornica now has Apple's video comparison of setting up the iMac G3 vs. a HP Pavillion. Guess who's the winner ...

More content for the Apple afficionados among you: I've added the video excerpt of what appears to be an old Apple Seminar on the brand as well as Jonathan Ive commenting on the design of the 20th Anniversary Mac.

And our top-uploader HolidayPack added two rather rare Apple commercials - PowerBook - Right Here In The Village and an Oliver Stone Apple Ad to Cornica. Thank you very much!

If you wanna be as cool & hip as HolidayPack (or nerdy, depending on your preference :-) ) upload your Quicktime treasures to Cornica too! And don't forget: Quicktime never dies!

Update #61 - Games, Gopher, Gusenet
October 22nd, 2023

Alright, there is no "Gusenet" of course, but it promised to be such a nice alliteration as a headline. :-) Of course, I'm talking about the great old Usenet that we've added a 1996 report about. We've also got a Quicktime video on using Gopher, the forgotten cousin of the WWW, as well as an interview with its developers.

Meanwhile, about two dozens of new game trailers have been added to our Games section for you to explore! Thanks to our top uploader HolidayPack, we've got Quicktime videos on gaming classics such as The 7th Guest, its sequel The 11th Hour or the two Maxis titles Sim City (Classic) and SimLife.

There's also videos for two unreleased Macintosh games, Alien Alliance and Rivers of Dawn, as well as titles such as IndyCar Racing II, Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh or You Don't Know Jack.

Also, please don't miss out on the uploaded motivational video Apple showed its stakeholders during the 1984 Macintosh presentation along with the fitting anecdote. Great trip back in time!

Update #60 - Back to 90's Quicktime today
September 29th, 2023

Cornica's traditional summer break is over - time to update Cornica with more stuff as autumn approaches here in Central Europe! We've got some great user uploaded content coming up soon. Today's update features a lot of 1990's original Quicktime movies. Short length and low-res - and yet fun to watch!

For example, there are two new tutorials on Hypercard Animotion and Quicktime use in Macromedia Director.

If you're looking for a lullaby to have your Macintosh help you fall asleep, loop the version of our Sunset at the Pacific video or listen to the french song Bonne Nuit.

Our Nature & Travels section now features classic Quicktime videos of driving through the Brooklyn Bridge, the 90's SF Skyline and a view of early 90's Budapest.

If you're interested in history, watch NASA's videos of the moon mission or a visit to the Habsburg Palace in Vienna.

More lighthearted is a fast forward Quicktime video of how a A home-made Pizza is born, Babies swimming or a Mother Duck and her ducklings at the pond. Enjoy and watch for more videos soon!

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