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Update #60 - Back to 90's Quicktime today
September 29th, 2023

Cornica's traditional summer break is over - time to update Cornica with more stuff as autumn approaches here in Central Europe! We've got some great user uploaded content coming up soon. Today's update features a lot of 1990's original Quicktime movies. Short length and low-res - and yet fun to watch!

For example, there are two new tutorials on Hypercard Animotion and Quicktime use in Macromedia Director.

If you're looking for a lullaby to have your Macintosh help you fall asleep, loop the version of our Sunset at the Pacific video or listen to the french song Bonne Nuit.

Our Nature & Travels section now features classic Quicktime videos of driving through the Brooklyn Bridge, the 90's SF Skyline and a view of early 90's Budapest.

If you're interested in history, watch NASA's videos of the moon mission or a visit to the Habsburg Palace in Vienna.

More lighthearted is a fast forward Quicktime video of how a A home-made Pizza is born, Babies swimming or a Mother Duck and her ducklings at the pond. Enjoy and watch for more videos soon!

Update #59 - Where words fail, music speaks
July 11th, 2023

Well this summer update is definitely very much inspired by music - thanks to our top uploader HolidayPack, who shared lots of Quicktime music videos with us. From the Gorillaz and the Beastie Boys to Girls Aloud a good bunch has been added - more on the way! Check out our much grown music section.

Also our section for Mac games saw some more updates, be it a second trailer for e.g. Water Race or Zoo Tycoon as well as entirely new additions such as Battlefield 1942.

I've also been doing some bug-fixes, mainly adding missing descriptions or fixing typos. If you see something you spot something in need of fixing, drop me a line please.

Update #58 - Second May update
May 16th, 2023

Our second update for May is online and this time we have a couple of sections updated with new stuff.

Our history section has new videos of the chase of O.J. Simpson as well as Apollo 11 on the moon. Staying in space - Star Track is an obvious Star Trek parody added to our popular Fun & Comedy section.

YouTuber's 65scribe video on his PowerBook 520 has been added as well as three 90's Apple commercials for the German market: a Performa 630 ad, the Wir sind ein Volk ad and a German language version of Think Different.

In closing, uploader HolidayPack uploaded a lot of music videos from our youth & young adulthood for you to enjoy on your retro hardware. From the iconic Britney Spears song to Upside Down (A*Teens) and from the Foo Fighters to Girls Aloud. More to follow soon.

Everyone, enjoy a great sunday on your retro hardware :-)

Update #57 - More Mac gaming
May 4th, 2023

If you fondly remember the days of Macintosh gaming, like I do, you'll be especially pleased about the numerous trailers added to our games section. No other than our top uploader HolidayPack provided us with lots of original trailers from Aspyr, MacSoft, Feral, Virtual Programming and the like. Here's a llist:

Amber - Bionicle - Dungeon Siege - F1 Championship Season 2000 - Fable - Ford Racing 2 - Imperial Glory - Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Millennium Diner (unreleased) - Max Payne - Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - Rayman 3 - Timelapse - Titanic: Adventure Out of Time - XIII - Total Immersion Racing - Timelapse - Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield - Myst III: Exile - Myst V: End of Ages - X2: Wolverine's Revenge - X2: The Threat - Timelapse - Stubbs the Zombies - The Incredibles - MacWorld SF 2005: The games The Sims 2 (updated)

Also noteworthy is a davisdelo's upload of the PowerBook 12" & 15" intro movie as well as three new movie trailers by HolidayPack: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Thank you everybody, your help in building the ultimate Quicktime archive is very much appreciated!

Cornica's unavailability
April 28th, 2023

One of the things I despise modern times for is companies assuming it's fine for them to make your decisions. The company hosting this website is such a one. Announcing a server move, they not only did that. They also made Cornica unavailable to all but the latest tech by making a "smart decision" to force-enabled SSL/TLS on the domain. With no means for me, the customer, to deactivate it, mind you!

Hence, if you tried to access Cornica for the past week, you likely ran into 404 errors. Needless to say, it took their support 48 hours each time to answer a simple question. I'm sorry - the issue was beyond my control but I'm looking for a more retro compatible solution for the future. Just as a quick note, Cornica will continue to be open and accessible for every device.

Update #56 - Bond. James Bond.
April 1st, 2023

No, not an April's Fools joke. If your heart is set on rather simple action-spy movies, we've got all the trailers for you to watch on your retro gear. Thanks to uploader HolidayPack you can now enjoy trailers for next to all James Bond movies in Quicktime format.

Be it classics like Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice or later 007 adventures like GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies - make sure to check out our updated movie trailer section.

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mac and pc with human actorsSusan Kare presenting Icons on Mac 512k Mac Icons in front of Apple HQ in Cupertino

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