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Update #39 - We paint. Do not touch.
January 15th 2022

I had this burst of creative energy this morning (aka I was high on ketones) and started rewriting Cornica's classic theme, our gold standard. Specifically intended for low-end Macs.

Since my Mac IIci has a RaSCSI now, I was able browse Cornica on a 68k Mac myself to find out what I like and what not. I for one didn't like the speed - hence this new, optimized theme. I also lowered the resolution to cater for 640x480 displays, which is most likely what you're using on your 68k Mac anyway. All while staying within the HTML 3.2 specs and still looking somewhat decent at higher resolutions too.

Update #38 - Welcome to 2022!
January 13th 2022

Don't know how it was with you, but the year started slow with me. Guilty in part is the recently released new boxed Macintosh interactive-fiction game Hibernated - Director's Cut. I've been enjoying it on my IIci. Here's a discussion thread on System 7 Today where I participate and write about my experience !(in case you like interactive fiction too)

Interestingly, the retro Mac scene seems to be picking up in new projects and 2022 promises to be an exciting year. Perhaps the most anticipated title is Ebony Spire: Quest, a 3D Dungeon Crawler soon to be released as shareware. Cornica now features a Quicktime trailer of the game, thanks to its developer Bacioiu Ciprian.

Meanwhile, Cornica got a big update of movies & games because that seems to be the stuff most of you enjoy watching. We won't forget about the other categories, promised!

Here's the complete list of new Quicktime videos:

Mac Games
Warcraft II - Ebony Spire: Quest - Lords of the Realm II - Age of Empires - Age of Empires II - Klondike 3.0

Movies trailers
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Eraser - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Home Improvement - The Maltese Falcon - Casablanca - Space Jam - Star Trek 8: First Contact - Twister

Comdex 1987 - Visit to Application Systems Heidelberg

Update #37 - Happy 30th birthday, Quicktime!
December 18th 2021

Believe it or not, we have reason to celebrate! It's this December that Quicktime, the pioneering video technology, turned 30! That's right - 30 years and still kicking! Can't say the same about RealVideo ;-)

Apart from the 30th anniversary of Quicktime, we have the Christmas season at our doorsteps. The older we get, the more we long for things of the past, don't we? My understanding is that not everything was better back then. But hey - Christmas definitely was, wasn't it?

So, to bring you some old-fashioned Christmas nostalgia I've added a bunch of movie trailers of everyone's Christmas favorites. We already had A Wonderful Life, Home Alone as well as my personal favorite National Lampoons Christmas here on Cornica.

New movie reels have arrived for The Muppet Christmas Show, Jingle All The Way, Santa Clause, The Polar Express and Elf.

This week on Cornica's honor roll is new uploader Solarstrike, who shared a Quicktime trailer for the 2001 animated film Shrek with us. If you want to do a good deed before the year closes, do like user Solarstrike - upload your Quicktime treasures to Cornica. I'll add them with the next update!

Random videos

John Sculley Apple CEO

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