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Update #14 - Introducing two new categories
November 15th 2020

As promised, this update brings two new categories to Cornica: Music (yay!) and Microsoft (boo!). Seriously, even the arch-nemesis should have its corner, given we even have Windows users surfing on Cornica. So now you can reminiscent the days of Windows 95 and other software tragedies.

Our new Music category will feature everything related to music - from concert clips to DAW software on the Macintosh. And then even our commercials section got updated with the original TV ad for the Mac Classic II.

That said, we have yet to find our upload server fed! Don't be shy, share your Quicktime videos with us! You can find all the info on how to contribute to Cornica on our Upload page.

Update #13 - new game videos & more on history
November 11th 2020

Thus far we've received positive feedback on the final design and the added features - thanks a lot to all taking the time to write in! You have no idea what a booster feedback is on a hobby project :-)

That said, we're welcoming new additions to our Games and history category. Lots of old game trailer for titles such as The Sims, Gabriel Knight, Railroad Tycoon 2 & more have been added. There's also half a dozen new videos of authentic 80s & 90s news reports in the history section.

So much for today, next time we'll introduce one or two new categories and of course another boatload full of Quicktime video, so you can have fun with your old Mac like in the old days!

Update #12 - Final redesign - out of open beta
November 4th 2020

Uh? Last time you checked, things looked different? Well, I've got lots of feedback (thanks again everyone) and I've decided to implement all the great ideas. That stretches from a possibility to upload & share your Quicktime movies to a site search function and to a random-video-implementation for exploration. Every video has its own page now, which makes it easy to link to it. And above all, we're remaining Netscape 4 compatible!

That said, it's not done. Cornica now has a solid back-end and got even faster for maximum retro computer compatibility (for the retro-technically inclined - we dropped our MariaDB in favor of XML parsing for speeding up things with older browsers).

There's still things to do and improve. Let me know, please! Also if something shouldn't work. Or just to let me know how you like the new Cornica. Oh and we're officially lifting the "open beta" status we had since our inauguration in April - this is now the final design for the time to come.

Everyone - enjoy watching video on your old Macintosh gear (again)! :-)

Update #11 - It's raining again
October 29th 2020

Yes, it has recently been somewhat silent on Cornica. You see, summer is to blame. The Power Mac G4 that prepares the Quicktime videos for you resides in a small room in our house. So small in fact, that it only has one window. Unfortunately, that window's direction is towards the south.

Since I live in the northern hemisphere, that room gets a lot of heat during summer. The ever-roaring fans of the Power Mac don't help either. To cut a long story short, we've taken a little summer vacation here at Cornica HQ. Thankfully, this weekend is a wet 15° C (60F) one, which changes things.

Meanwhile I've been putting a lot of thought into how to enhance Cornica. As categories grow, I deem a way to search the database might be necessary. I'm also not satisfied with the way the icon navigation looks, but I'm no designer, unfortunately. What do ya'll think about? Shoot me an e-mail at info (at) and let me hear your ideas!

Where are the new videos, you ask? Well, I've added some original 90s movies for Maxis games (Sim Ant, Sim Earth, Sim Farm) as well as an early 2000’s classic (Thomaz Coehlo's video on resurrecting a dumped Mac SE). YouTuber Mac Can Talk allowed us to show his videos about the "Twiggy Mac" and the original System 1.0 here too. (thx Adespoton!)

Other new entries include the ever popular Computer Chronicles excerpts in which product managers showed off their latest programs - this time we have Canvas 3.0 and the long forgotten Excel competitor Claris Resolve. And don’t forget those reports on Stanford University’s beta testing of System 7 and the Nubus technology in Macs.

As always, have fun with your obsolete hardware! :-)

Update #10 - Redesign & we're sort of popular now ...
June 29th 2020

Look me in the eye and tell me you weren’t surprised! Cornica used to look different, didn’t it? Well, I promised „something big“ for update #10 and here we go - a redesign. Prettier (I hope) and a smaller footprint (I know). While remaining Netscape 3 compatible. Using less code should improve loading times. I’d be glad to hear from your experience with the redesign.

Apart from that, it is the old Cornica. Well, not exactly. We’ve added some more content. A video of Steve Jobs debunking the „Mhz myth“ at a late 90s keynote. Or a mid 90s video of Apple’s Pippin taken at the CeBit in Hannover, Germany. There’s also three new videos in the games section and another commercial for the original Powerbook 100.

On a sidenote: A heads-up to the Retro Computing Roundtable Podcast for mentioning us in their last episode. If you wanna be one of the cool guys, tune in.

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