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Dolby Digital Trailers

Three Dolby Digital Trailers from 1995-1996. They were first shown in movie theatres and appeared on Laserdiscs and DVDs from that period up to now. Sorry, you can't hear the full 5.1 sound due to QuickTime limitations back then, so you'll have to resort to only hearing mono for now. :-)

City: One of the more popular Dolby Digital trailers from 1995. Many are fondly remembered by this trailer when they started playing their AC3 Laserdiscs and DVD's. Canyon and Egypt: These two are lesser known Dolby Digital trailers from 1996. Not all Laserdiscs and DVD's carry this trailer, but is it somehow considered an improvement over the City trailer? Not sure... but opinions matter.

Uploaded by: Katie Cadet
320x240px | 5.6MB: dolbycity.mov
320x240px | 5.6MB: dolbycanyon.mov
320x240px | 5.5MB: dolbyegypt.mov

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