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Scout wrote on 11-03-2021 23:46
Heard about you on65scribe. I am enjoying exploring the videos on some very old computers. Thank you for doing this.

Tom wrote on 18-03-2021 15:56
Thanks for doing this! Makes me enjoy watching videos on my iMac G3 again. I'm half-way through the Apple commercials by now :-)

William Beaudry wrote on 19-03-2021 20:41
I am coming from an iBook G3. I do enjoy tolerable download speeds and playback is flawless. I'll be back in even older hardware!

Katie Cadet wrote on 28-03-2021 17:29
I am a Canadian computer collector who has a love of Apple Macintosh, and I watch some Cornica videos on my MDD G4 running Mac OS X 10.2.8 mostly. Takes me back to a time when CD-ROM video and the 90s internet were popular before MP4 came along!

Péter Mészáros wrote on 31-03-2021 19:10
Really enjoy looking at the videos on my trusty Walstreet :) Thank you for keeping this site up and warm greetings from Hungary!

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