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iPod silhouette commercials

Steve's favorite ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day came up with the idea for ''Silhouette'' ads back in 2003. What followed was a nationwide print and television launch. All ads displayed black silhouettes of people listening to white iPods and dancing in front of green, yellow, fuchsia, and pink backgrounds - the design was so unique and stood out like the Mac among other computers at the time.

Uploaded by: HolidayPack
240x180px | 11.3MB: ipodrock.mov
480x360px | 4.1MB: ipodrock_ppc.mov

240x180px | 16.5MB: ipodhiphop.mov
480x360px | 6.4MB: ipodhiphop_ppc.mov

240x180px | 11.0MB: ipoddance.mov
480x360px | 4.5MB: ipoddance_ppc.mov

240x180px | 10.1MB: ipodbreakdance.mov
480x360px | 3.7MB: ipodbreakdance_ppc.mov

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