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Knowth Passage Tomb (Ireland)

The Knowth tumulus in County Meath, Ireland could well have been the largest building in the world at the time of its construction 6000 years ago. Yet nobody knows for sure who actually put this one-hectare site together. The construction of the tomb is remarkably sophisticated: the site is ringed with 127 one-ton boulders which are decorated with spiralled "celtic" motifs which were brought to the site from as far as 30 miles away.

During excavations begun 30 years ago, archeologists found two 40 metre-long passages from the East and West points of the circle. As these passages were relatively undisturbed, the site has yielded as much infomation as questions of just who actually made this thing.

This Quicktime VR is a panorama of the Eastern chamber of the tomb and the passage from outside to the chamber can be discerned by the point of light between the boulders. The chamber itself is divided into three compartments where cremated human remains, bone fragments and elaborately-carved decorations from 6000 years ago were discovered. This video is actually a composite of 18 different 35 mm photos which were fused together using QuickTime VR technology.

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