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Leading The Way

This video was originally uploaded to YouTube by Alfred DiBlasi. He carefully restored the video and gave the following explanation:

This was a corporate song that was used during the Macintosh rollout in January, 1984. I heard it live, in Manhattan, sitting in the audience as with the other authorized Apple dealers/retailers at the time. The song was a bit of a diversion between product announcements, and was meant to energize the audience a bit. At this meeting, Apple introduced the Macintosh and the new line of Lisa computer systems.

Trivia: when I saw this 'live' at the Mac introduction, we, as Apple Dealers, all LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF at time marker 02:47 - when the guy carried a 60 pound LISA computer under his arm like it was a laptop!

Some fellow Apple Dealers, who were watching the Macintosh introduction, got out of their seats to call their stock brokers from the pay phones to issue a 'buy' order! Smart. I wish I did the same. I was too involved in figuring out how I could afford to buy both a Mac and a Lisa.

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