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Logic 2.0 tutorial

A series of 12 tutorial videos from Emagic for their sequencing software that originally came on a VHS tape. Initially it started life as C-Lab Notator on Atari ST and later "Notator Logic" before being renamed just to Logic and ported to Mac OS. Never as popular as Cubase or Pro Tools it still had it's fanbase. Now you can take a closer look at Logic 2.0 on the very machines it runs on - enjoy :-)

Uploaded by: Cornica
320x240px | 39.7MB: logic1-intro.mov
320x240px | 113.8MB: logic2-arrange-window-basic-sequencing.mov
320x240px | 88.0MB: logic3-playback-and-toolbox.mov
320x240px | 61.8MB: logic4-midi-data-flow.mov
320x240px | 30.9MB: logic5-sequence-data.mov
320x240px | 27.9MB: logic6-moving-around-in-logic.mov
320x240px | 76.8MB: logic7-more-sequencing.mov
320x240px | 47.6MB: logic8-score.mov
320x240px | 41.1MB: logic9-event-list.mov
320x240px | 38.8MB: logic10-editing-the-event-list.mov
320x240px | 83.1MB: logic11-environmentally-friendly.mov
320x240px | 66.1MB: logic12-best-of-the-rest.mov

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