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A lovely made Christmas themed short movie. Uploader Aaron Rogers writes about it:

Ornaments is a 3D animated short I made about 20 years ago with 3D Studio. Back then there was no YouTube - it debuted on iFilm and Atomfilms, which were some of the first video hosting sites on the Internet, both now long gone.

Online video was still relatively new and the number of offerings was small enough that it was relatively easy to stand out. I still recall the impact of projects like "405" (passenger jet lands on an LA freeway) and "The Killer Bean" (anthropomorphized coffee bean goes on a Matrix-inspired rampage), which spawned successful careers in movie VFX for their creators. These were the days before livestreaming, influencers, and dedicated channels - it was all just a hodge-podge of random creativity. What a different time!

Ornaments did well on the festival circuit in 2001 and got me started in a computer animation career that spanned games, TV, and feature films.

Uploaded by: Aaron Rogers
320x192px | 51.9MB: ornaments.mov
360x216px | 25.3MB: ornaments_ppc.mov

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