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Recapping a Mac LC II

David aka The 8-Bit Guy recaps a Mac LC II and even uses a dishwasher to clean the board. Since he describes the process, it's a good learning video for your own recapping adventures!

Thank you to the 8-Bit Guy for supporting Cornica.

Uploaded by: Cornica
320x180px | 32.8MB: LCII-recapping-dishwasher-pt1.mov
320x180px | 29.0MB: LCII-recapping-dishwasher-pt2.mov

640x360px | 53.8MB: LCII-recapping-dishwasher-pt1_ppc.mov
640x360px | 43.4MB: LCII-recapping-dishwasher-pt2_ppc.mov

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