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Shadow Warrior

A gameplay trailer for the fast-paced 3D First-Person Shooter Shadow Warrior. Based on a beefed-up Duke Nukem engine, SW made it to the Mac in 1997. Back in those days we were happy to have *any* new games released to our favorite OS. Don't get me wrong though, this was one of the better titles of the 90's "Doom-and-its-heritage" days.

Shadow Warrior was re-released in a "Shadow Warrior Classic Redux" version back in 2013, with two successor following years later. All are still available on Steam. But of course, why spend money on them, if you can have the original classic for free from the Macintosh Garden? ;-)

Uploaded by: Cornica
320x180px | 19.6MB: shadowwarrior.mov
640x360px | 22.4MB: shadowwarrior_ppc.mov

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