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Wizard of Oz

Six different trailers of the 1939 golden age film "The Wizard of Oz", featuring Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale. Fans throughout decades fondly remember the Wizard of Oz when they watched it at the cinemas, home video, and even on television, with memorable quotes such as "I'll catch you yet my pretty", and "Follow the yellow brick road".

Dorothy meets up with a scarecrow, tin man, and a lion, played by popular broadway comedians of the time, as they 'follow the yellow brick road' to see the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, but trying not to get caught by the Wicked Witch of the West. Includes the introduction title cards narrated by one of the surviving cast members of the film.

After the film was released in 1939, there were technological improvements in terms of video and audio quality between reissues, and we've included all of the Wizard of Oz trailers all the way up to 1998 for you to watch on Cornica! Enjoy!

Uploaded by: Katie Cadet
320x240px | 6.7MB: wizard-of-oz-1939-teaser.mov
320x240px | 26.0MB: wizard-of-oz-1940-trailer.mov
320x240px | 37.9MB: wizard-of-oz-1949-trailer-1.mov
320x240px | 31.4MB: wizard-of-oz-1949-trailer-2.mov
320x240px | 20.9MB: wizard-of-oz-1970-trailer.mov
320x240px | 21.0MB: wizard-of-oz-1998-trailer.mov

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