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Scout wrote on 12-03-2021 00:46
Heard about you on65scribe. I am enjoying exploring the videos on some very old computers. Thank you for doing this.

Tom wrote on 18-03-2021 16:56
Thanks for doing this! Makes me enjoy watching videos on my iMac G3 again. I'm half-way through the Apple commercials by now :-)

William Beaudry wrote on 19-03-2021 21:41
I am coming from an iBook G3. I do enjoy tolerable download speeds and playback is flawless. I'll be back in even older hardware!

Katie Cadet wrote on 28-03-2021 19:29
I am a Canadian computer collector who has a love of Apple Macintosh, and I watch some Cornica videos on my MDD G4 running Mac OS X 10.2.8 mostly. Takes me back to a time when CD-ROM video and the 90s internet were popular before MP4 came along!

Péter Mészáros wrote on 31-03-2021 21:10
Really enjoy looking at the videos on my trusty Walstreet :) Thank you for keeping this site up and warm greetings from Hungary!

BacioiuC wrote on 18-04-2021 12:56
My SE/30 appreciates this!

Alan wrote on 24-04-2021 16:39
This is great! Thanks for doing this. Nostalgia overload on my Titanium G4 PowerBook and Pismo G3. I'm going to dig through my old videos and see what I can find to submit.

Nicolas Bahamondes wrote on 03-05-2021 06:30
Hi Bolkie! I am saying hi from a PSP, curious enough to see if Cornica works here too.

z970 wrote on 14-05-2021 23:19
Love the new early 2000s look! This place is so great, you wouldn't believe how many times per week I come around to visit. =) So, big applause on everything accomplished so far, and keep up the good work!

CODX0815 wrote on 16-05-2021 18:41
Very nice ! Primary for my 386DX 40 Build and for my Powerbook as well ;) Great Job.

Syd Whitaker wrote on 08-06-2021 06:38
Fantastic stuff! I'm loving this at 1 AM on my iMac G3

Jacques wrote on 06-07-2021 21:46
What a wonderful site and so nice to see enthusiasm for old content and vintage computer support. Lots of the commercials remind me of my first Mac, a 1Ghz TiBook, which I bought in 2003, unfortunately long since died of bad hinge syndrome. I now have a G4 Mini running 10.3. Keep up the good work!

Pasha wrote on 07-07-2021 07:06
When i want to find website that could play video, i found it on system7today (about section). It's pretty interesting indeed... I use Mac OS 9.2.1

Pasha wrote on 07-07-2021 08:25
Hi! i am saying hi from Mac OS X 10.1.5, just to check this out on midday

ethan wrote on 14-07-2021 06:24
Also heard about this site thru 65scribe, checking in here from a 2015 Macbook pro, hopefully once the firewire cord ships on amazon i'll upload some old mini dv tapes from my g3 imac ^^

Philgood wrote on 10-08-2021 13:07
Awesome work. Thanks for all and keep up the good work. Happy archiving!

BlackDragon wrote on 29-08-2021 11:21
Wonderful!I just got a replacement PSU for my PowerMac and as I was looking for some old software I have found this website. Keep up the good work!

Super Mario wrote on 23-10-2021 05:13
I'm writing this from my Power Macintosh 7100 with a G4 Processor and a Radius Thunder IV 1600

Kant wrote on 29-10-2021 03:13
hmm, I'm getting an SSL error on the movie files. Here's hoping it gets fixed so I can watch some. I came here from lowendmac.com (edit by Admin: Are you trying to watch Cornica on a modern Mac?)

Noah wrote on 13-11-2021 07:57
Using a AMD 5x86-133 on WFW 3.11 Thanks for keeping sites like this alive. A lot of cool videos here

Denis Xiang wrote on 12-12-2021 07:49
Hello from Mac OS 8, I am enjoying Cornica, I hope it keeps going ^^

Cashed wrote on 18-01-2022 15:29
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Awesome work. Get ready... New incoming retrowave approaching, this time around it's a tidal bore.

Venus wrote on 22-01-2022 15:31
super cool website !! browsing on my emac, feels great using a website that works well and loads fast unlike anything modern

MRTA wrote on 25-01-2022 02:53
Here from 65scribe, watching from my original 300 MHz iBook running Mac OS 9. Soon to have a huge collection of PCs and Macs.

Sanae wrote on 10-03-2022 07:31
Pretty cool website, watching on my Hewlett-Packard Vectra VL6/300.

Pasha Nur Muhammad Djaprie wrote on 12-04-2022 11:25
Hi!, I am surfing this website from my Power Mac 9600 installed with Mac OS 7.6.1

Steve wrote on 17-04-2022 04:20
Really appreciate this awesome site and the work it takes to put together! I love browsing here with Mac OS 9!

Casey G. wrote on 19-04-2022 00:53
Neat website for me to watch some videos on my iBook G3!

Pasha NM Djaprie wrote on 08-05-2022 11:18
I just browsed with my Quadra 840av and this is really neat website for watching video on my 68k Macs

Soup wrote on 12-05-2022 23:55
600Mhz Blue Dalmation coming in strong! Installed OS 9.2.2 from os9lives just to fix the OpenFirmware display parameters, and am having a blast until my new pram battery comes in so I can get BSD back on here.

Silicon Classics wrote on 28-05-2022 02:35
Just learned about this site - love seeing old QuickTime videos!

Lucy wrote on 29-05-2022 07:45
great website! working well on Power Mac G4 MDD with Mac OS 9

Kade V. wrote on 04-06-2022 11:19
Great Idea! Watching on my iMac G3! Thank You so much...
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