Update #7 – “Only when playing is a human ...
April 17th 2020

... truly a human.” At least that’s what famous German poet Friedrich Schiller is quoted for. Arguably we bought our Macs for spreadsheets, graphics or school work. But somehow we ended up sinking hours into games too. And so I decided to risk my life stealing some original 90s game trailers from various publisher’s heavily-secured archives.

Hence with this update you’ll find lots of new old game trailers for your favorite Mac games: Bugdom, Diablo II, Orion Burger, Fly! and more! For those who loved 90s Macintosh gaming scene there’s a tour at the MacSoft offices and a 1999 interview at Aspyr Media. I sure had fun watching 'em – I hope you do too!

P.S. Our Tutorials section finally got two new videos. Why not take a peek into it?

Update #6 - „If you’re going to San Francisco ...“
April 9th 2020

… make sure to visit MacWorld Expo! At least during the mid 80’s to mid 90’s it was a Mecca for Mac fans. I’ve added a report about MacWorld Expo ’88 (courtesy of Computer Chronicles) in our documentaries section that really takes you back in time!

We’ve got updates in other categories too: Check out the new videos in the App section on Photoshop, Excel, Soft Windows and some long forgotten Hypercard stacks.

There’s also two new 90s movie trailers (Sandra Bullock’s „The Net“ & Jurassic Park) as well as two new Apple commercials from 1986 and 1992. Oh and don’t forget to check out the new Quicktime vids in Mac models - including two Apple videos on the iMac G4 & iBook G3 as well as another great 65scribe video on the Power Mac 4400.

Enjoy your old Macs everyone - and most importantly, stay healthy!

Update #5 - A mixed bag
March 31st 2020

After our movie trailer update (another one is in the works!), here’s something of a mixed bag: Two Apple guys on the Computer Chronicles comparing a 7100/66 with a Pentium PC, a bunch of Quicktime VRs for Power Mac G3 & G4 models (check out the dream setup one!) and a report from the University of Texas in 1994. They had been one of the first educational institutions to make the jump to the PowerPC Macs.

My recommendation with this update is an amazing new video in our history section featuring colourized photos from 1840 to 1930. Ever wondered what Mark Twain or the young Joseph Stalin looked like? Check it out!

Update #4 - grab some popcorn!
March 25th 2020

We keep you entertained during the CoVID-19 quarantine! This week we're focussing on 70s, 80s and 90s movie trailers. We got 25 new trailers, ranging from Aliens to (the mandatory) Wargames from 1983. Watching them on your old Mac is the best ticket for a trip back in time.

And because I believe it is important to keep our humour in times of CoVID-19, I've added a good bunch of stuff to the fun category: Watch how the Simpsons and Futurama mocked Apple and Bill Gates. The "Mapple Store" is my favorite!

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