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Update #2 - 25+ new videos / new applications category
March 15nd 2020

Lots of new content added. We've got well over 100+ Quicktime videos online for your viewing pleasure! Almost all categories had updates. I've added several new video for Macintosh games and commercials. There's a bunch of new videos in the documentary section, including a short one on Animatrix - the guys & gals that did the famous "Guided Tour" animations for Apple!

For some extra 80s & 90s nostalgia check out the two Making Of videos on Knight Rider and Babylon 5.

P.S. Don't forget to peek into the new Applications section.

Update #1 - new videos online
March 5nd 2020

I've just added our first content update to Cornica. Lots of categories got new stuff. Really recommending the Apple File Server video in the Apple category and for some nostalgia the documentary on Stanford University's computer network in 1987 in the documentary category.

Meanwhile still ironing out some bugs and minor incompatibilities. If you should encounter something you deem should be fixed, please send me an e-mail: contact Cornica.

Welcome to Cornica - Open beta
March 2nd 2020

After many an hours of coding, testing, writing and converting videos Cornica enters into open beta! We start with a handful of videos & categories but the archive will grow in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy Cornica, read up on it's history and spread the word so we can bring video entertainment back to MacOS users.

And please send me an e-mail! I always get the kicks out of hearing that people use this stuff. Also write if anything is broken, you should miss a feature or simply wanting to say hi 90s-style: contact Cornica.

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