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Mac Reports

Reports on mostly Mac-related topics that don't fit into the other categories. Such include historical on-site reports from universities, user group meetings or Expos.

All videos in alphabetical order:

Air traffic alert system prototyped by a Mac II
Animatrix - computer animations
Arthur Young Company and their computer network

Chinese Language Kit and Dae Advertising
CKS agency using Macs for pre-press
Comdex 1987
Complete car cost guide, the
Contra Costa: Using Mac LCs to teach a second language

Foothill Middle School and the Mac

ImageMaker - desktop slide making system

MacWorld Boston 1994
MacWorld Boston 1996
MacWorld Expo '88 in San Francisco
MacWorld Expo '88 in San Francisco - PART 2
MacWorld SF 1997 - Who is Who

Somerset Design Center
Stanford's System 7 beta test experience
Stanford University's computer network

Williams & Martinet using Macs

University of Texas & Power Macs

Virginia Tech PowerMac G5 supercluster, The

Why Mac for science

Xclaim VR graphics card
Visit to Application Systems Heidelberg

Random videos

IBM booth at Comdex 1987employee using Mac SE and Imagemaker

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