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Power Mac G5 supercluster at Virginia Tech

A report (from Apple, so yeah, totally unbiased) about the supercluster of Power Mac G5 computers at Virginia Tech in December 2003. Also known as "System X" or "Big Mac". I don't want to be a drag, but watching the racks of Power Mac G5s - am I the only one feeling the heat? :-D

Apparently student volunteers at Virginia Tech began building this one comprised of 1,100 dual 2 GHz Macs. The only modification made to the G5s was the addition of an Inifiniband card in a PCI-X slot to speed communication between the G5s. This supercomputer cluster has been rated at 9.55 teraflops or 9.55 trillion calculations per second and has been built with a three-year budget of $5.2 million. Sounds like much, but the fastest computer at the time (Japan's Earth Simulator) was constructed for $250 million. Ouch.

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