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This 2001 animated film played every concept of a fairy tale, and turned them on their heads and then some! Telling the story of an ogre by the name of Shrek, he runs into various fairy tale creatures exiled by a ruthless leader, Lord Farquaad. He sets off on an epic journey with his bashful yet reluctant companion, Donkey; to get his home back and settle things with Farquaad, where he makes a deal with.

Shrek and Donkey have to rescue the Princess Fiona from a dragon...and that's where things go wacky in this comedic adventure, with many twists and funny moments abound!

Provided here is a 2-minute QuickTime trailer for this ogre-whelmingly successful 2001 film, finely tuned for our classic Mac escapades much like Shrek's journey.

Uploaded by: Solarstrike
256x160px | 21.7MB: shrek.mov
480x300px | 15.9MB: shrek_ppc.mov

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