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A science-fiction military film with Ancient Egyptian elements from 1994 featuring Kurt Russell and James Spader. It followed several spin-offs on television including SG-1 with Richard Dean Anderson, followed by Atlantis and Universe.

Uploader Katie Cadet notes:
My mother started following Stargate since the early 2010s when we used to have cable television here in Canada, and that prompted her recently while I was looking for computer software and video games (including ones for the Macintosh) at the thrift store to buy the complete SG-1 television series on DVD. My mother sometimes watches Stargate in the evening hours occasionally when she's not watching HGTV or Food Network, and I hope this trailer of the original film will be my first upload here on Cornica for others to see!

Uploaded by: Katie Cadet
Movie size: 320x240px
File size: 35.0 MB
Download: stargate.mov
PowerPC only: stargate_ppc.mov

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