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Update #10 - Redesign & we're sort of popular now ...
June 29th 2020

Look me in the eye and tell me you weren’t surprised! Cornica used to look different, didn’t it? Well, I promised „something big“ for update #10 and here we go - a redesign. Prettier (I hope) and a smaller footprint (I know). While remaining Netscape 3 compatible. Using less code should improve loading times. I’d be glad to hear from your experience with the redesign.

Apart from that, it is the old Cornica. Well, not exactly. We’ve added some more content. A video of Steve Jobs debunking the „Mhz myth“ at a late 90s keynote. Or a mid 90s video of Apple’s Pippin taken at the CeBit in Hannover, Germany. There’s also three new videos in the games section and another commercial for the original Powerbook 100.

On a sidenote: A heads-up to the Retro Computing Roundtable Podcast for mentioning us in their last episode. If you wanna be one of the cool guys, tune in.

Update #9 - "Another small update"
June 12th 2020

Update #9 is a smaller one, with only a few (albeit fine) additions. Update #10 will be bigger, promised! To begin with, our Apple category has a new (err..old) iPod introduction video and one about developers returning to the Macintosh platform in 1999.

If you're into 80's Mac, check out the introduction video for the original 128k Macintosh. Man, this has been 36 years ago! Doesn't feel like it, does it?

In our movies section we got a trailer for the fun comedy "Monsters Inc." and a promotional video for the classic 90s Anime Sailor Moon - thanks to user KatieCadet for supplying us with both!

On a side note: I'd love to hear from users browsing this site with a 68k Macintosh. Please send me an e-mail to info at cornica dot org and let me know about the experience. (is the speed bearable? Do the videos play fine? ...).

Update #8 - „Update in May and go away ...“
May 14th 2020

May was slow with updates, but nobody is going away!! Cornica is here to stay! I spent most of my free time on a Mac OS coding project, hence the delay. But the longer an update takes, the more content it'll contain. Like this one.

Where do we start? Definitely check out Bill Atkinson presenting Hypercard in 1987. Incredible piece of software. Also nice are the videos "Voices of the original Mac team" and even Bill Gates speaking his mind about the Mac.

The Mac section meets G4 power - official videos from Apple for the Power Mac G4 „Quicksilver“ and the Power Book G4 („Titanium“) introduction. Oh and one for the iMac G3 too.

As for fun, we’ve got a video with excerpts of the 80’s & 90’s sitcom „Cheers“ (anyone remember? NORM!!). And there’s two new commercials in the respective section too. Lots of stuff to watch on your trusty old Mac. Happy Retro Computing everyone! :-)

Update #7 – “Only when playing is a human ...
April 17th 2020

... truly a human.” At least that’s what famous German poet Friedrich Schiller is quoted for. Arguably we bought our Macs for spreadsheets, graphics or school work. But somehow we ended up sinking hours into games too. And so I decided to risk my life stealing some original 90s game trailers from various publisher’s heavily-secured archives.

Hence with this update you’ll find lots of new old game trailers for your favorite Mac games: Bugdom, Diablo II, Orion Burger, Fly! and more! For those who loved 90s Macintosh gaming scene there’s a tour at the MacSoft offices and a 1999 interview at Aspyr Media. I sure had fun watching 'em – I hope you do too!

P.S. Our Tutorials section finally got two new videos. Why not take a peek into it?

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