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Macintosh tutorials

Learn something new! This category houses all the Mac-related tutorials, such as how to dismantle a Power Mac, transfer data between Old World and New World Macs or creating Macros with QuicKeys.

All videos in alphabetical order:

Claris E-Mailer: Making it work for you

Desktop Printers and Frequent Print Jobs
Managing a dial-up connection using Open Transport (PPP)
Disable the start-up memory test, how to
Discord & more on your retro Mac

Getting the most out of Find File

How Hard Disk Drives work

Macros with QuicKeys
Modern Mac to Mac 512k transfer

Popup Windows
Power Supply out of a Power Mac G4

Radeon 7000 vs. ixMicro Twin Turbo M8 shootout
Recover from a corrupted system
Recover text files from a corrupted floppy disk
Resedit: An introduction
Resedit: How to edit Finder icons
Resedit: How to make a file invisible
Resedit: How to personalize your startup screen

“Simasimac”, Fixing a
Spring Loaded Folders

Random videos

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